PRAISE FOR Bedbugs!!!

"Featuring terrific costumes by Philip Heckman" 
—Adam Feldman, Time Out NY

"Cleverly costumed by Philip Heckman" 
—The New Yorker

"Startling costumes"
—Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"Philip Heckman's costume design, particularly that of the bedbugs, is fantastic. Dressed in black and brown bodysuits and donning bug helmets topped with metallic feelers, the bedbugs look like glitzed-out characters from outer space." 
—Edge on the Net

"Filled with amazing costumes, sets, lights and choreography this show leaves nothing to chance and shows a level of production value that I'm not used to seeing off Broadway." 
—Out in Jersey

"Robert Bartley was greatly aided by the brilliant design team. Costume designer Philip Heckman and wig, hair, and makeup designer Bobbie Cliffton Zlotnik were the unsung heroes of the production manifesting the creatures to human form and even giving each one their own unique personality." 
—Theater in the Now

"The bugs are outfitted in deliciously dreadful costumes designed by Philip Heckman."
—Blog Critics

"Hugely creative team . . . Philip Heckman's costumes alone deserve a trophy."
—Manhattan Digest


Praise for Forbidden Broadway: Alive & Kicking

"Amusing costumes" 
—Time Out NY

"The costumes by Philip Heckman and wigs by Bobbie Cliffton Zlotnik are inventive on a dime (and maybe the cast is all alone backstage, but if someone is helping them quick change from one outfit to the next, they are probably the hardest working person there)."
—Huffington Post

"Directors Alessandrini and Phillip George and costume designer Phillip Heckman should be lauded for returning sanity and perspective to the stage." 
—Huffington Post

"It is not just Alessandrini’s clever lyrics and satirical sketches that make “Forbidden Broadway” such a show-biz favorite, it is also the crafty way that the witty costumes designed by Philip Heckman and the wigs by Bobbie Cliffton Zlotnik help to capture visually the shows and their players." 
—New Jersey Newsroom

"There’s also a highly satisfying takedown of all the Sondheim revivals that deftly mixes musical and visual gags — the witch’s dress worn by Donna Murphy (tall belter Natalie Charlé Ellis) in the recent “Into the Woods” is remade with plastic snakes and stuffed turtles." 
—New York Post

"The production team does an outstanding job, with colorful, often-zany costumes, hilarious wigs and what must be a thousand props and lighting changes." 
—Associated Press

"Daffy costumes by Philip Heckman and delightfully awful wigs by Bobbie Clifton Zlotnik are their own special treat. For theater lovers, it’s like Halloween and Christmas both came early." 
—New York Daily News


Praise for Shout! The Mod Musical

"Fashionistas are more likely to come out humming the costumes—the checkerboard boots, Day-Glo miniskirts and amoeba-like prints born of Carnaby Street boutiques back in the day when The Beatles ruled and the Rolling Stones had no wrinkles." 
—NY Post